On-board food waste industrial shredder

MARPOL certified on-board food waste industrial shredder


Volumetric reduction is essential for the correct disposal of many materials. For food waste the logistical challenge cannot use brute force, but a fast, complete and easy maintenance solution.

SatrindTech produces and installs customised shredders for food waste solutions in the following areas:


  • Food industries
  • Catering
  • on-board ship installations


The regulatory framework for this latter type is provided by the MARPOL Convention, an international agreement that regulates aspects such as the ships’ exhaust fumes, the use of hydrocarbons and the management of marine waste. Industrial shredders can be installed to comply with directives and to limit the spillage of waste by ships and boats. Today we talk about a shredding solution in this context.


MARPOL certified on-board food waste industrial shredder


Italy is a country at the forefront of shipbuilding, given the presence of the most important ship owners worldwide. It is also at the forefront of on-board waste management. For this reason, the reduction and recycling of solid waste on-board ships through reuse, or complete disposal under the law, must be considered a priority. SatrindTech has a range designed specifically to be installed on-board the ship to meet regulatory requirements.

For food waste, the MARPOL Directive 73/78 Annex V allows the discharging waste of ≤ 25 mm into the sea outside special areas and at a distance between the vessel or off-shore platform and the coast ≥ 3 to ≤ 12 miles.

SatrindTech offers a range of  compact industrial shredders that comply with these requirementsand which are MARPOL certified. Two models are available, with a power of 4 HP and 10 HP, designed to best perform in this specific context.


F 410/360 shredder for food waste: customised on-board solution


A major Italian shipping group has commissioned us to provide on-board food waste shredding solutions under the MARPOL Directive requirements. SatrindTech has supplied a 7.5 kW (10 HP) F 410/360/N shredder equipped with blades 14 hooks of 10 mm thickness.

Discover the installation of one of our on-board food waste industrial shredder with MARPOL certification

Since the space inside each type of ship must be used wisely, the installation required expertise to adapt the system to its location, to work in the best way, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

For installation, the shredder is equipped with a closed hopper, with manually operated compression and rests on a support frame at man height. To ensure safety during operation, the hopper is equipped with an inspection door with microswitch.

The shredder is equipped with a discharge hopper connected to the pre-existing ship systems to remove the food waste treated. The hopper is equipped with a special valve for high-pressure washing water.

This installation on a commercial ship is an example of how SatrindTech’s technology is reliable and flexible. Our shredders are unafraid of any challenges, either on land or on-board ship and are at the forefront of regulatory certifications.

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