Oil filters

The oil filters mounted on cars, trucks and tractors, if shredded and properly processed, can return the 97% of the materials.

The components which can be recovered are oil, paper, plastics, ferrous materials and not.

The process foresees the following steps:

1. Loading operation;
2. Selection of the input material;
3. Volume reduction shredding
4. Controlled size shredding;
5. Removal of oil residue from the materials;
6. Separation of ferrous materials, non-ferrous, paper and plastic.
7. SatrindTech offers comprehensive plants for the processing of oil filters, including a two-shaft shredder for volume reduction stage and a three- or four-shaft shredder to get a homogenous size of the material before entering the centrifuge.

After centrifugation, a magnetic separator provides to remove the ferrous fraction before the final separation of the non-ferrous metals, paper and plastic.

The metals recovered, ferrous and non are about half of the total material processed and will be suitable as secondary raw material, the used oil can be regenerated (100 kg of used oil returns approximately 65 kg of regenerated oil and 25% base of diesel fuel/bitumen, ref. C.O.O.U) whereas the recovered paper and plastics can be used for RDF and SRF production.


Download oil filter shredding plant datasheet here


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