3K 30

3 Shafts
15+15 HP
Electric drive

3 shaft industrial shredder 3K 30 HP series electric drive | SatrindTech Srl






Model Blades Picks kW / HP Chamber
3K 5/30 24 x 30mm 5-1 11+11 / 15+15 484 x 525 mm
3K 7/30 36 x 30mm 728 x 525 mm


Available options 3K 5/30 3K 7/30
Blades set (single setting) 15 mm thickness / 5-1 picks

A wide range of shredders

A 3-shaft shredder is a valid alternative for the all those shredding solutions based on 4-shafts shredders. Because one shaft less means saving money during the maintenance on blades.

The models of the 3K30 line are equipped with a 30hp electric motor and are suitable for processing small quantities of material (up to 300/400 kg/h) in order to get a controlled size that can go from 30×30 to 50x50mm.

The materials for which this shredders are used are E-waste, HDDs, pharmaceutical and hospital waste, metal and plastic cans, metal and aluminum swarfs, packaging and confidential documents.

Download shredders summary datasheet

2 shaft industrial shredder K 25 HP series electric drive | SatrindTech Srl

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