Car and truck

SatrindTech Srl has developed and installed shredding solutions for end-of-life tyres disposal. In accordance to the final dimensions reached after the process, the tyres can be added to the RDF mix (Refuse Derived Fuel, in addition to other materials such as cardboard, textile, plastic) by cement plants, steel mills and plants for energy recovery in alternative to other traditional energy sources.

The proposed shredders are used as the first stage operating a volumetric reduction (without enhancement of final size) or as primary elements and/or secondary within more complex processing lines for achieving a size suitable for burning or for metal and textile separation.

Using SatrindTech shredders, car tyres can be processed directly, while a bead removal from truck tyres is highly recommended in order to increase the productivity and to enlarge the lifetime of the blade set.



Tyres (K 50/M series)

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