Pallets, dry wood in general and green wood

The treatment of this material is mainly for a reuse of this material for energy purpose: with wood shredding we refer to pallet and dry wood shredding while with green wood we consider the crashing of the gardening or agricultural waste.

Depending on the desired final size, with dry wood different types of shredders can be used: a crusher or a shredder with T-blades can be used for a mere volume reduction of the material or single-, three- and four- shaft shredders if the purpose is getting a size controlled.

The green wood is usually processed using a crusher or a two-shaft shredder because the purpose is the reduction in volume of the material.



Wood (K 30 HP/T series)
Brushwood (K 30 HP/T series)
Wood (2R 150 HP/T series)
Pallets (K 30 HP/T series)

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