Electronic waste (WEEE)

The constant technological improvements of the electronic devices and the subsequent obsolescence of the electronic equipment we use on a daily base has increased the amount of the material to be processed in the metal and plastic recycling business.

PCs, laptops, smartphones, USB sticks, credit cards, microwaves, washing machines are just some examples of the products that can be processed in order to recover materials.

The percentage of materials which can be recovered exceeds a 90% of the material. The materials that are recovered from type of waste are metals, plastics, copper, aluminum and precious metals.

The two-shaft shredders by SatrindTech are the ideal machines for the phase of volume reduction that will process the material for the following stages. The final steps will be carried out with shredders at three or four shafts. The selection process is then terminated with the pulverization of the material and the subsequent separation.


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