K 60/M

2 Shafts
50 HP
Electric drive

2 shaft industrial shredder K50M electric drive with automatic transmission | SatrindTech Srl






Model Blades Picks kW / HP Chamber
K 8/60/M 15 x 50mm 1 37 / 50 758 x 850 mm
K 10/60/M 20 x 50mm 1008 x 850 mm
K 13/60/M 25 x 50mm 1258 x 850 mm


Available options K 8/60/M K 10/60/M K 13/60/M
Blades set (single setting) 30 mm thickness 1 pick
 5-1 picks
Blades set (single setting) 50 mm thickness 5-1 picks

A wide range of shredders

The 2 shaft industrial shredder K60M serie with automatic transmission  is derived from the K50 series but has a different type of drive. Unlike the K50 series which has a hydraulic drive, K60M is driven by the innovative M/AWG system. This combines the automatic torque and speed adjustment capability typical of a hydraulic drive but with an electric drive’s advantages. The M/AWG system optimises productivity according to the material to be shredded.  Noise emissions are that of an electric machine and are significantly lower than those emitted by hydraulic drive systems.  This system allows the drastic reduction of the ordinary maintenance costs (filters and control unit oil) and the significant reduction of any extraordinary maintenance costs (valves, pumps and hydraulic motors).

All this allows the shredder to process the same materials as the K50 series with its hydraulic drive, using an electric industrial shredder.


Download shredders summary datasheet.

2 shaft industrial shredder K 25 HP series electric drive | SatrindTech Srl



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