Industrial shredders

Since our foundation, SatrindTech Srl has focused on achieving the utmost reliability from our industrial shredders and to provide a complete engineering consultancy based on our client’s requirements.

Why shred ?

Listed are some examples:


• Size and / or volume reduction of different materials for recycling and preparation for other industrial processes
• Volume reduction of waste prior to landfilling
• Size reduction of different materials to allow the separation for a subsequent industrial process
• Size reduction and preparation of RDF (Refused Derived Fuel)
• Destruction of outdated or damaged products to avoid misuses
• Destruction of records and confidential documents
• Pretreatment of hazardous toxic waste prior to incineration


We offer the opportunity to carry out shredding trials at our facility on samples and materials supplied by customers, giving the possibility to verify the proposed machine model and output size. Our customer can attend the trials otherwise we can supply a DVD showing the tests.

Quality and reliability: from project to final installation

SatrindTech works together with his Customers from the preliminary engineering stages to the start-up of the machine/ plant. From the project implementation, supported using advanced CAD and solid modeling software, to installation and commissioning.

All these steps are managed with the most modern material and production control systems certified by strict quality control procedures.

We can guarantee a worldwide qualified after-sales service by our network of Distributors and Dealers by periodically organizing technical training stages at our facilities in Arluno.

A wide range of shredders

The result of our job is a steady international market covering more than 40 countries worldwide, with thousands of machines and systems sold so far, whose design ts the requirements of small companies or large multinational groups. SatrindTech has always given priority to the protection of our environment and operators safety.

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