Drums and cubitainers

The drums (from 5 to 220 lt) and the IBCs in HDPE are used for the transport and storage of liquids in countless industrial fields, alimentary and not.

The shredders proposed by SatrindTech for this application are two-shaft type in the case of a simple volume reduction, used for achieving an optimization of the logistic processes (resulting in significantly reduce transport costs and material storage once shredded) and single-shaft, three- and four-shaft if the goal is to recycle material discarded from the production line.

The two-shaft shredders can also be fitted with the special CL counterblade system that allows a controlled size of the material whilst shredding.



Drums (K 25 HP series)
Cubitainers (3R 320 HP and 4R 400 HP series)

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