K 150/M

2 Shafts
150 HP
Electric drive

2-shaft industrial shredder 150 HP electric drive with automatic transmission | SatrindTech Srl






Model Blades Picks kW / HP Chamber
K 15/150/M 20 x 75mm 5-1 110 / 150 1510 x 1100 mm
K 20/150/M 26 x 75mm 2010 x 1100 mm


Available options K 15/150/M K 20/150/M
Blades set (single setting) 75 mm thickness 5-1 picks

A wide range of shredders

Productivity, compactness, quietness and ease of maintenance are the basic features that distinguish the automatic transmission used for the K50/M range. Building on this product’s success, we have tried to replicate its advantages and strengths in a larger and more powerful format. The 150 HP and 100 HP versions of 2-shaft industrial shredder K150M serie with automatic transmission further improve motion transmission technical elements and are among the most innovative devices in the industrial shredder market.


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2 shaft industrial shredder K 25 HP series electric drive | SatrindTech Srl

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