Shredding applications

SatrindTech is not only shredders…

Thanks to the know-how and the cooperation with the customers, SatrindTech can design complete shredding plants for treating:


• MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) for obtaining RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel);
• Tyres for RDF production (in chips up to 20mm or in rubber crumbs below < 5mm);
• Electric and electronic equipment waste (WEEE) and refrigerators;
• Oil filters;
• Hazardous and explosive waste;
• Plastics together with grinding and washing systems


And other customized type of plants for other materials.

Experience, know-how and technology

Over 3.000 Satrind’s shredders are installed in plants of our worldwide customers and partners.
Our know-how and consolidated experience allow us to offer both customized solutions that satisfy very specific requirements of each customer, and innovative technical solutions for waste treatment complete systems by co-operating with partners that are experts in their field of applications.

Why shredding ?

The main purposes for material shredding are:


• To save space and volume before shipping the material to the landfill
• To prepare the material for the burning process;
• To save space and volume on transport means (cruises, commercial or military vessels);
• To select the waste in order to remove any component that may cause damages during a  secondary process;
• To recover material (metal recycling, plastic);
• To get RDF (refuse derived fuel);
• To treat the material in order to make it unrecognizable (private or secret documents, medical / hospital waste, laboratory and R & D);
• To get rid of defective products unfit for sale
• To get rid of bad packaged products for preventing theft and increase the compaction possibility;
• To separate liquids from solids (packaging destruction);
• To reduce the size so transportation and material handling on the following units (conveyor belts, screening unit, screw conveyor system, air transport system) can be more agile.

The shredding applications

Shredders can be used for:


• Bulky waste, wood, furniture, plastics, industrial material, building and commercial;
• Wood pallets and green waste;
• MSW. Municipal Solid Waste;
• Medical, hospital and pharmaceutical waste;
• Plastic, scrap and post-consumer waste from general collection (bottle, cans, plastic pallets, etc …);
• Waste from plastic blow and/or injection molding;
• Plastic purges from extrusion process;
• Tires for cars and trucks;
• WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (computers, printers, photocopiers, cookers, dishwashers, phones and other electronic waste from home, etc …);
• Refrigerators (domestic and industrial), air conditioning.


And every material which is needed to reduce the size.

Case histories

Our winning formula is to work together with partners which are experts in their field of application.

By cooperating with specialized companies and by integrating our know-how and consolidated experience, jointly, we can offer innovative technical solutions for complete systems that satisfy very specific requirements.

Shredders designed for complete tailored solutions for the collection, transport or inertization of any type of waste. From the machines to complex plants designed to process industrial waste and municpal solid waste.


Download here our company presentation with the case histories

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