Blades sharpening

Lifetime of a blade set is one of the main features   customers should evaluate before buying a shredder.

SatrindTech offers the highest quality blades customers can find in the market.

Our blades are made of hot forged steel, specially developed for extremely heavy-work conditions which have core-hardened thanks to a multiple-steps process. Such production cycle grants high hardness and resilience levels.
Choosing our shredders means that blades sets can be sharpened many times (*) compared with other shredders available on the market.

This gives a long-term plus when it comes to maintenance costs: sparing on new blades sets needed during a shredder’s life is essential for a quick return on the investment done.
Sharpening your blades set in our mechanical workshop also means that we provide with preliminary checks of the blades before starting with the job for granting you a professional service

We use CNC machines for a high quality grinding operation, restoring the original conditions of the entire blade pack (cutting profiles and hooks.

The operation is then completed by adding the needed pieces of extra blades, spacers and cleaning sectors so to fill up the mm of material removed during the sharpening.


* The number of possible sharpening depends on the initial conditions of the set and the type of material to be shredded.


Rely on our competence for BLADES SHARPENING of your industrial shredders.