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Efficiency and innovation: the role of multifunctional platforms in waste management in Italy

Mapping multifunctional platforms in Italy

According to the Urban Waste Report 2022 Edition by ISPRA, in 2021, there were 1,970 multifunctional waste collection platforms in Italy. These platforms are equipped facilities for the separate collection of urban and special waste, as well as for the recovery and recycling of materials.

Geographically, multifunctional platforms are present in all Italian regions, with a higher concentration in the Northern and Central regions. The regions with the highest number of multifunctional platforms are Lombardy (315), Veneto (280), and Tuscany (250).

Types and volume of managed waste

 In terms of types, multifunctional platforms can be classified based on the kind of waste they collect. The most widespread are platforms for urban waste collection, representing 90% of the total. Other types of multifunctional platforms include:

  • Platforms for the collection of special waste;
  • Platforms for material recovery and recycling;
  • Platforms for the management of hazardous waste.

In terms of the volume of waste managed, the multifunctional platforms collected about 12.5 million tons of waste in 2021. Of this, 11.2 million tons were urban waste, while 1.3 million tons were special waste.

Multifunctional platforms play a significant role in waste management in Italy. They help improve separate waste collection, material recovery and recycling, and reduce landfill disposal.

Here are some specific statistics on multifunctional platforms in Italy:

  • In 2021, 90% of Italian households lived in a municipality with at least one multifunctional platform.
  • 70% of the urban waste collected at multifunctional platforms was directed to recovery or recycling.
  • 20% of the urban waste collected at multifunctional platforms was directed to landfill disposal.

Multifunctional platforms are an increasingly widespread solution for waste management in Italy. They contribute to improving environmental sustainability and reducing the impact of waste on the environment.

Innovation and sustainability: the case of a Lombard platform

One of these Lombard multifunctional platforms has recently expanded its capacity for processing non-hazardous industrial waste.

The company has installed two treatment lines, each consisting of a 220 HP twin-shaft shredder with hydraulic drive.

The load cells weigh the material and send the data to the client’s data collection system. This system, which falls within the scope of Industry 4.0, allows real-time monitoring of the waste treatment process.

Interestingly, the discharge bin and scale both rest on a hydraulic extraction system that automatically ejects both in case of fire of the shredded material.

The new treatment lines allow processing a wide range of non-hazardous industrial wastes and contribute to improving the client’s environmental sustainability, enabling the company to reduce the volume of waste to be disposed of in landfills.

Moreover, the new treatment lines strengthen its position as a reliable reference point for national and international medium and large industry.

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