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Electric drive shredders: the drive system with automatic transmission

SatrindTech has revolutionized the industrial shredder sector by introducing a cutting-edge system of electric drive shredders with 2-shaft, equipped with an automatic transmission. This innovation perfectly integrates the automatic regulation of torque and speed, characteristic of hydraulic drives, with the energy efficiency and sustainability advantages of electric drives.

Advantages of the automatic transmission

  • Increased productivity: the automatic transmission ensures superior rotation speed at equal torque, significantly boosting productivity beyond the capabilities of hydraulic systems. The use of inverters for motor management further optimizes performance, dynamically adapting to process needs.
  • Compact design: ideal for integration into new machines or retrofitting existing systems, our plug-in system dramatically reduces space requirements, eliminating the need for bulky hydraulic control units and complex oil piping circuits.
  • Quiet operation: electric drive shredders provide a quieter work environment, significantly reducing noise emissions compared to traditional hydraulic systems.
  • Simplified maintenance and enhanced safety: The advanced design leads to substantial maintenance cost reductions, both regular and extraordinary, by eliminating filters, oil, valves, pumps, and hydraulic motors. Additionally, it avoids the risks associated with circulating hot, high-pressure oil.

K60M and K150M series: a technological leap

The 50 HP and 150 HP electric drive shredder models, featuring automatic transmission, introduce significant technical improvements in motion transmission. The drive unit of these series includes:

  • a 37 kW electric motor for the K60M series and a dual motor setup, including a 75 kW motor, for the K150M;
  • an automatic transmission for smooth and precise motion transfer, directly integrated with the machine’s internal mechanisms;
  • an advanced regulation and control system for optimal performance management. In the K150M series, a clutch engaged at the output of the 75 kW motor allows this motor to be disengaged during the blade shaft reversal phase, managed by the 37 kW motor.

Shredding chamber of this series can optionally be equipped with a torque limiter, designed to protect the drive chain from unshreddable material during the shredding process. The torque limiter activates whenever the detected torque exceeds the reversal torque, disengaging the clutch and preventing the effort from affecting the reducer and the automatic transmission.

Why choose these shredders?

Productivity, compactness, quiet operation, and ease of maintenance are the key features distinguishing the automatic transmission in the electric drive shredders of the K60M and K150M series.

In these new series with automatic transmission, it’s possible to replace the bulky and noisy hydraulic control unit with a more compact electric motorization.

This offers a significant competitive advantage to the customer, resulting in even lower management costs. Operating logic is controlled by a PLC, and the machinery complies with Industry 4.0 standards.

The optimal power transmission management by the 150 HP motor, finally, prevents the peak at startup due to high absorption and achieves optimal torque more quickly. The system integrates, as in the K60M series, the functionalities of automatic speed and torque regulation, distinctive features of hydraulic drives, with the benefits offered by electric technology.

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Versatility in shreddable materials

This technical solution can be applied with extreme flexibility to a wide range of shredding solutions. The two new series with automatic transmission are ideal for significant performances. The materials that can be processed include:

  • plastic (PET preforms, HDPE, PVC, PP, PC, and general plastics, pipes and profiles, drums and cubitainers in HDPE, automotive components in ABS, PU, PP, PE);
  • CDR and CSS;
  • metal drums;
  • packaging;
  • car and truck tires, including detreaded tires;
  • oil filters;
  • electronic waste (WEEE) and industrial waste;
  • cardboard and wooden pallets;
  • hazardous and pharmaceutical waste.

Contact us to learn more

Discover more about SatrindTech’s electric drive shredders by visiting our website and YouTube channel for demonstration videos. Our sales team is ready to provide you with all the necessary information and assist you in choosing the most suitable shredding solution for your needs.

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