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Customised shredding solution in Poland’s West Pomeranian Voivodeship waste-to-energy plant

Industrial shredder for MSW and bulky waste meets recent European regulations on recycling and waste-to-energy.


Waste management is one of society’s major issues. The issue is complex. The way in which it is tackled depends on our mentality as ordinary citizens and the political approach, which has not always proved strong enough to deal with the problem.  SatrindTech does not deal with the major philosophical questions. What we can do is face the problems with team enthusiasm and the controlled power of our machines. Today we bring you to the West Pomeranian Voivodeship of Poland, where one of our two-shaft shredders has been installed as part of a waste-to-energy plant project.

In a partnership with an important Italian group, we have provided our expertise for a plant that includes an industrial shredder for MSW and bulky waste in a collection and waste-to energy centre where there is an incinerator.


Customised shredding solution for Polish Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) treatment


Since 2016, Poland has adjusted its legislation to meet EU waste treatment directives by implementing a law prohibiting municipal solid waste with a calorific value above 6 MJ/kg being sent to landfills. This regulatory innovation triggered measures to revise the old landfills and disposal centres to make them compatible with the new legislative framework.

The SatrindTech team was involved developing the knowledge on the disposal of bulky and municipal solid waste. It is estimated that every European citizen daily produces a kilogram of MSW. In addition to recycling, which is not possible for all materials, it becomes essential to introduce effective treatment methods, to reduce the volume and make these waste materials suitable for further treatment.

The disposal plant introduced near the incinerator was installed by the customer assisted by the main contractor directly on its site. The SatrindTech technical assistance service was involved in the start-up and testing phases of the plant and local staff training.

The core of the installation is a 150 hp 110 kW  two-shaft shredder model  2R 15/150 . The shredder mounts 5-1 blades and 75 mm thick hooks. The shredder is topped with a large loading hopper for a claw crane. To complete the supply, we installed a frame with access ladder and walkway. The electronic and control part is managed by a Siemens PLC panel.

2 shaft industrial shredder 2R 150 HP series hydraulic drive | SatrindTech Srl

The outgoing material is directed towards a 12 metre discharge conveyor belt and from there to a bidirectional conveyor belt. All the preparatory documentation for the sale and installation, and the manuals with the operating and revision specifications were written in English and Polish.


SatrindTech: shredding solutions meet the European waste directive


SatrindTech’s services are used in every corner of the globe. Particularly in Europe where more countries are adapting to waste treatment EU directives. The plants designed for this purpose are becoming more sophisticated, and our shredders represent the state-of-the-art for the most demanding processing phases, which are fundamental to fulfil the new management systems.

The European directives are based on three different but complementary objectives:

  • waste prevention
  • recycling and reuse
  • optimal final disposal and better monitoring


One of SatrindTech’s goals is to provide devices to facilitate the achievement of the second and third objectives. In our advanced Western societies, a fundamental concept of environmental respect is increasingly taking hold: the so-called circular economy. Human made objects should be designed to replicate nature. Nature has no concept of “throwing something away”, and everything is included and reused. The ideal would be to revise all our production processes upstream so that, downstream, we do not find ourselves with unusable material which cannot be disposed of or recycled.

This issue may seem too abstract, and yet those who want to respect and protect the environment more than just paying lip service must think of practical solutions. What for some is an impossible challenge, is a great opportunity for others. Instead of focusing on what you should do, sometimes the ideal is to understand what you can do. The controlled power of our technology is designed to help those who are committed to taking action, each step of the way, to give us solutions to limit the damage that we bring to fragile natural ecosystems. Increasingly more companies are turning to SatrindTech as the brute force of our shredders is good for the planet.

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