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Shredding of polyethylene tubes and roll holders

Plastic is available in a multiplicity of polymers, in different manufactured products and therefore from recovery, recycling and reuse methods.

Through our partner (agent/distributor) in the Netherlands, SatrindTech has recently put a shredder for shredding of polyethylene tubes and roll holders on the market.

A few facts first: the annual report “Plastics – the Facts 2018” published by PlasticEurope tells us that worldwide plastic production in 2017 reached almost 350 million tonnes and, of this, 18.5% is produced in Europe.

As a result, demand in Europe for PE-MD and PE-HD polymers was 12.3% in 2017: Toys, (PE-HD, PE-MD), milk bottles, shampoo bottles, tubes, household goods (PE-HD).

PlasticEurope also tells us that, in 2016, for the first time, recycling exceeded landfill and that, of the 27.1 m tonnes of post-consumer plastic waste collection, 31.1% was recycled.

This outlines the context of the market. A 10 HP shredder model F 410/480, equipped with a specially designed hopper and a support frame, was offered for the shredding of polyethylene tubes and roll holders.

The hopper is equipped inside with a tubular guide to help the blades grip the material. A large loading drawer helps operators work safely.

Shredding cycle management is carried out by a PLC, which makes it possible to better optimise work and stand-by phases and any subsequent customisation by the customer.

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