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The shredding of cardboard waste in the paper industry

Assocarta, a member of the Federation of Paper and Graphics, has estimated the production of paper and cardboard in Italy for 2023 to account for 1.9% of the global production:

Global production of paper and cardboard for 2022 | Assocarta
Global production of paper and cardboard for 2022

Furthermore, Assocarta has estimated that in 2023, a significant 60% of the raw materials for the paper industry consisted of recyclable paper:

Paper sector and bio circularity for 2022 | Assocarta
Paper sector and bio circularity for 2022

Paper and cardboard are undoubtedly materials well-suited for recycling as a secondary raw material. As the data suggests, paper is the primary raw material in the sector. Italy ranks as the fourth-largest producer of paper and cardboard in Europe. The Italian paper industry is an important and growing sector.

The increase in recycling and the use of sustainable raw materials are factors that will contribute to making this sector even more competitive and sustainable in the future.

The recycling process of paper and cardboard involves several stages, from collection, storage, and selection to shredding. The latter stage of the process, better defined as shredding, is where industrial shredders come into play.

A concrete solution for paper and cardboard shredding

In the industrial production of paper and cardboard, offcuts and waste are generated that, instead of being treated as waste, can be recycled by the paper industry through the shredding of cardboard waste and paper waste, to be then reused as raw material.

Before being reused, the shredded material undergoes a bleaching process and is reduced to a pulper with hot water. It is then refined to separate the cellulose pulp to obtain the pulper, and finally, virgin cellulose is added, turning the waste back into raw material.

A practical case

For not excessively high volumes, a solution for shredding of cardboard waste and paper waste can come from using a 10 HP two-shaft shredder with electric drive, which integrates a discharge conveyor directly. A loading hopper allows for the manual loading of cardboard scraps.

The shredder is placed on a support frame resting on swiveling wheels, making it possible to move the unit within departments, placing it where needed.

A single electrical panel manages both the shredder and the conveyor in automatic mode, coordinating the start of the shredding phase with the operation of the conveyor.

As can be seen, the unit is very compact and takes up little space, ideal for production lines where the production of cardboard waste remains within certain limits.

Our sales team is at your disposal to provide further information and introduce you to the wide range of industrial shredders we offer and to support you in any shredding issues you may face.


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