The secure destruction of the hard disk: from today, with SatrindTech it’s even easier

Every time that we install programs or apps for our smartphones, when we use internet services or we sign modules, we consent to the treatment of our personal data, which is generally digitized on electronic supports (generally hard disks).

Correct management of our privacy requires total protection of the data contained, even during the destruction phase, of these supports.

International laws relative to the secure destruction of documents are numerous, establishing different methods of destruction, and providing different levels of security in relation to the class of protection required. Among these laws are cited:

·         UNI 15713:2009 Secure destruction of reserved documents
·         DIN 66399-1 Office machines – Destruction of data carriers – Part 1: Principles and definitions
·         DIN 66399-1 Office machines – Destruction of data carriers – Part 2: requirements for equipment for destruction of data carriers
·         BS 8470:2006 Secure destruction of confidential material. Code of practice
·         Other specification from NSA (National Security Agency) and ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization)

SatrindTech has created 2 industrial shredders models that are able to satisfy the security requirements defined by DIN 66399-1: S3/3RI (da 4hp) and F410/360RI (da 10hp).

With these shredders it is possible to destroy up to 25 and 100 hard disks per hour respectively, obtaining a final material piece size of less than 80 mm2 (with a 12 mm grill) and less than 35mm2 (with 8mm grill), allowing, in this way, to work at an H5 level of security (where the maximum dimensions of this level are from 10 mm2 to 320 mm2).

The shredding of the material is carried out in two phases within the body of the same machine: the first phase allows the reduction of the volume of the material inserted into the feeder, while the second phase is the effective granulation of the hard disk to the required dimension. The continuous recirculation of the material present in the shredding chamber allows for its exit only when it has reached a dimension inferior to that of the rotating grill selected.

For the technical characteristics of the proposed models, it is possible to download the technical specifications of the relative products, as well as watch a video about them:

·         POWER 4 HP – Hard Discs
·         POWER 10 HP – Hard Discs
·         This video shows their function

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