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Metal drum shredding

5% of incoming contact requests from our website come from southern Mediterranean countries.

It’s no wonder then that, thanks to the coordinated efforts between our French partner and its agent in Morocco, we have placed a solution for metal drum shredding on the North African market.

We therefore proposed a 4R 100 HP series 4-shaft shredder to the client, with a 1000 x 900 mm grinding chamber and equipped with a mix of 2 blades and 3 50 mm-picks.

 Completing the configuration is a screen holder with outlet material selection screens with appropriate size holes.

The shredder has four independent blade shafts, each equipped with its own electric motor. This allows for very flexible shredding cycle management that can be adapted to the material to be processed.

The two lower blade shafts shred the material, while the two upper shafts are recirculating. The shafts are driven in pairs.

The work cycle management with a PLC can define different shredding programs, depending on the material to be treated, including management of shaft inversions, which can be for single pairs or not.

This flexibility has proven to be very useful for customers and has allowed them to go beyond  metal drum shredding. Yes, because the shredder can also process plastic films and car tyres, thus expanding the intended use of the machine to meet customer needs.

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