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Maintenance of industrial shredders

The maintenance of industrial shredders, as in general for all machinery, is used to keep the shredder in efficient and effective operating conditions, with the aim of extending their useful life.

Maintenance is split into ordinary and extraordinary.

Ordinary maintenance interventions include a series of periodic checks and interventions to be carried out at established time intervals; other types of extraordinary interventions depend essentially on the operating conditions and therefore on the degree of wear suffered by the shredder.

During normal operation of the shredder it is important to check the oil level in the reduction unit and in the front bearing housings through the specific level indicators, as well as the areas between the bulkheads of the grinding chamber and the front flange must be periodically cleaned, where the intermediate seals are located.

Finally, it is extremely important to check that the blades are always perfectly tightened, as, otherwise, they could interfere with each other and become damaged or break. However for some of our new series of shredders this is not even necessary.

With regard to extraordinary maintenance, consider the condition of the blades. The blades give their best performance when their external profile has a sharp and cutting edge.

With wear it is natural that the productivity of the machine is reduced.  It will therefore be necessary to sharpen the blades when their edges become rounded.

Our after-sales service is available with competence and quick help-desk support times.

For the repair and maintenance of industrial shredders, our assistance personnel, who travel worldwide for on-site interventions, are able to support you at all times.

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