A light metal shredder: our latest innovation | SatrindTech srl

A light metal shredder: our latest innovation

When our customer in Milan asked us for a light metal shredder for his workshop and office, we did not have a product in the catalogue that could immediately meet his requirements.

We normally supply products for traditional industrial environments, but a shredder for laboratories and offices, powered by the normal mains voltage typical of these environments, was not available in our catalogue.

In order to meet this request, we put our Sales engineering to work, starting from a 3 kW twin-shaft grinding body already in our price list, and completely rethought the typical truncated cone hopper configuration, support frame and electrical panel that typically characterises industrial supplies.

The aim was to have a compact machine in which the shredder was completely protected, material loading and unloading could be carried out in complete safety and with a more suitable design and therefore ideal for working in an office.

The new DC/S series

A three-dimensional rendering was presented to the customer within a short time. This resulted in the DC/S series of light metal shredders, with a 3 kW electric motor in single-phase direct start 220 V. The electrical panel built into the machinery is equipped with an inverter to convert the single-phase mains current into the three-phase current of the electric motor.

The grinding body is equipped with 11-pick 12 mm thick blades and a programmable logic controller (PLC) automatically manages the grinding cycle.

A light metal shredder: our latest innovation | SatrindTech srl
A light metal shredder: our latest innovation

The machine is fully enclosed and painted. Movement is carried out on pivoting wheels. The operator in the office manages shredder start and stop from a convenient and simple front control panel equipped with touch keys and signal LEDs.

The material is loaded and unloaded completely safely through two front compartments: loading is carried out through a door that, when opened, closes and prevents access to the shredder blades, while unloading occurs through a door protected by a safety microswitch which interrupts shredder operation and allows the drawer for collecting the shredded material to be removed and emptied.

The status of the shredder can be checked by opening a convenient hinged front door, while additional removable side panels allow access to the inside of the machine for more major maintenance operations. Upon request, the structure can also be made of stainless steel.


The DC/S series of light metal shredders is also suitable for other applications where the operating environment and the materials to be processed have special requirements and the volume of waste is not typically industrial. For example: pharmaceutical and hospital laboratories for medical waste, environments for processing light electronic waste (WEEE), such as circuit boards but also hard disks, or situations for recycling low volumes of packaging and plastic bottles.

From our offer to the customer to delivery in less than three months: this demonstrates SatrindTech’s responsiveness and inventiveness, in line with our Vision to “continue to offer tailor-made solutions characterised by ever greater timeliness and technical expertise”.

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