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Hyper depreciation 250%: connected with Industry 4.0

Did you know that if you buy SatrindTech machines or treatment plants in 2017 you can take advantage of the tax benefits provided for by the development plan “Industria 4.0”, in accordance with law no.232 of 11 December 2016?

With the aim to develop advanced digital technologies in the production sector, the law provides for significant tax benefits for companies that, meeting certain requirements, invest in capital goods (link), which can be depreciated up to 250% of their purchase price.

SatrindTech Srl gives you the opportunity to evaluate shredder designs and shredding systems equipped with PLC control systems which, being integrated in your business network, allow for the use of dedicated software interface panels to control the operation of the machinery and to monitor the relative operating parameters. In addition to savings on your budget, solutions like ours also guarantee immediate management savings within your production cycle.

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