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Satrind shredders achieve compliance for maritime installation

We proudly inform that two shredders manufactured by Satrind have recently obtained, by an International Body, the Declaration of Compliance at MARPOL 73/78, Annex V.

This “Regulation for the prevention of pollution by garbage (organic fraction) from ships requires that “such comminuted or ground garbage shall be capable of passing through a screen with openings no greater than 25 mm” in case these garbage should be discharged into the sea.

Satrind shredders mod. S3/3 and F 410/360, after a meticulous checks both on technical and safety requirements, have successfully passed the compliance test and they are now suitable to be installed on commercial and cruise ships, and on offshore platforms.

The S3 /3 model with 3 kW electric power, designed to process small quantities of material, is equipped with a support for 80 liters containers mounted on wheels. Moreover a hopper with a special feeding system that allows the operator to load the material in complete safety is provided. The model F 410/360, with 7.5 kW electric power, can be used to process higher quantity of food waste: for this reason it is more suitable for large cruise.
The compact size and footprint of both shredders allow them to be easily installed on board ship.

The shredders proposed by Satrind can offer a cost effective solution to shipowners wherever they are in the necessity to dispose food waste into the deep sea.

Download marine shredders datasheet here.

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