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Industrial plastic film shredder for PE and PP plastic film

Industrial plastic film shredder for Polyethylene and Polypropylene plastic film


Our economy cannot do without plastic, but its disposal is one of the problems that private industries, nations and consumers can no longer afford to sweep under the carpet. Or dump into rivers and seas. Ocean pollution requires a strong global response. This is one of the great challenges of our time. Industrial shredders represent a fundamental link in the chain of change that will lead us to a cleaner planet.


Shredding solutions for polyethylene and polypropylene packaging


Plastic is a versatile and economical material, but if not properly managed during disposal, it is one of the greatest dangers for the environment. The solution that we present in this article is designed and optimised for the shredding of waste produced by two of the most common types of plastic on the market: Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

Polyethylene indicated by the initials PE, is used to produce: plastic bags (now banned in many countries), toys, bottles for detergents and food, caps, pipes and coatings for electric cables. Polypropylene, indicated by the initials PP, is more resistant and waterproof. It is widely used in the manufacture of furniture such as chairs and tables, vases and CD and DVD cases.

These two plastics are as versatile as they are difficult to treat. The correct disposal of Polyethylene and Polypropylene is essential to avoid phenomena that has assumed gigantic proportions such as plastic pollution in the ocean. This endangers fauna and flora like nothing else in history.

Factories, shops, offices and private homes produce tons of waste materials that can be traced back to these two types of plastic that are taking up increasingly more storage space. These materials are a serious problem: how to effectively collect them, without dispersing them into the environment?


Industrial shredder for PP and PE plastic film is a customised system installed at a specialised company in Poland


The transition from a linear economy to a circular economy is essential to protect the environment from the consequences of human activities. SatrindTech’s industrial shredders are a key tool for managing the plastic life cycle so that it is not dispersed in the environment in an uncontrolled way.

SatrindTech offered its consultancy and machinery to a company located in Poland, which deals with services for waste recovery and packaging recycling. Our Polish partners manage an important part of the life cycle of plastic waste in their region, such as the supply of collection containers, management of materials by pressing, and the related bureaucracy. This takes place by reinserting the waste in the production process and avoiding producing more.

For shredding polyethylene and polypropylene plastic film, we installed a high-torque 180W (250 HP) 2R 15/250/HT shredder at our partner’s plant . The blade set consists of 5-1 blades and 75 mm thick hooks.

Industrial plastic film shredder for PE and PP plastic film

The grinding chamber is equipped with two hydraulic power units one of 110 kW (150 HP) and another of 75 kW (100 HP). These power two hydraulic motors at different speeds connected to the fast and slow shafts.

The supply includes a charge hopper with the normal truncated conical shape, a support frame with a step irons and a walkway, and an electrical control panel. Installation involves loading the material into the hopper using a conveyor belt. Another conveyor belt is placed under the shredder to remove the shredded material.

For this customised shredding solution, installation, start-up and testing have been carried out on site by our technical assistance service. SatrindTech shredding solutions are increasingly demanded in Europe and worldwide, not only because of the shredders’ power, but for our technical staff Expertise.

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