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The new series of 4S industrial shredders

Never has a new series of shredders been designed to meet market and customer needs like our new 4S 4-shaft series.

The new 4S industrial shredders are available in 12 versions to offer a modularity of choice suitable for a variety of industries and requirements.

The various models are designed to process materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, hospital waste, wood and post consumer products in aluminium and plastic, packaging and much more besides.

The electric motor is available in 2×15 kW and 2×22 kW powers and each model has three different capacity solutions for the shredding chamber: 700, 1,000 and 1,200 mm.

Further customisation is obtained by varying the size of the selection grid and the thickness of the blades in order to obtain the required material size.

A management and control PLC and optionally routers and firewalls complete the configuration and ensure the Industry 4.0 series is compliant.

Further advanced modularity features of the 4S industrial shredders make it possible to switch from one model to another in the series and other innovations speed up the resumption of operations when replacing the blade sets. And finally the customisations can also be applied to the supply and discharge system. What a product!

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