2 shaft industrial shredder K 50 HP series electric drive with special transmission | SatrindTech Srl

SatrindTech presents the innovative industrial shredder drive system with automatic transmission

This system combines the automatic adjustment capabilities of torque and the typical speed of a hydraulic drive, with the advantages of an electric drive. These are the main features:

Productivity – The M/AWG system enhances performance in relation to the material actually shredded: light materials are processed at high speed, while tough materials activate the speed variation system that operate the necessary
torque increase. Given the same torque developed, the automatic transmission ensures a higher rotation speed, and thus an increase in productivity if compared to a hydraulic system of the same power.

Compactness– It is a plug-in system on the shredder, available also as a retrofit for existing shredders. No more hydraulic power-packs and oil piping lines.

Noiseless – The level of noise emissions is that of an electric machine, significantly lower than the noise emitted by hydraulic drive systems.

Maintenance – Drastic reduction of the routine maintenance costs (filter unit and oil) and significant reduction of extraordinary maintenance costs (valves, pumps and motors).

Our Sales and Marketing Service is on hand to provide you with any technical information you may require and to put forward our solutions for shredding material.

For all requests, contact us at +39 02 9037 6683 or write to us by sending an email to sales@satrindtech.com.

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