K 30/T

2 Shafts

30 HP

Electric drive

2 shaft waste crusher T 30 HP series electric drive | SatrindTech Srl





Model Blades Picks kW / HP Chamber
K 13/30/T 17 4 22 / 30 1258 x 850 mm

A wide range of shredders

This shredder model electric 30hp is configured with blade T, with plates welded perpendicularly on the blades to make sure that we are considering to shred e material as a crusher.

The hourly production resulting raised while the output size of the material is present in highly irregular shape.

The materials suitable for this model are MSW, industrial waste, pallets with maximum production of 3.5 t/h.

Download shredders summary datasheet

2 shaft industrial shredder K 25 HP series electric drive | SatrindTech Srl

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