F 10/RI

2 Shafts
10 HP
Electric drive

2 shaft industrial shredder F 10 HP series electric drive with ricirculator | SatrindTech Srl





Model Blades Picks kW / HP Chamber
F 410/360/RI Mix (30 + 10 mm) Mix (5-1 + 14) 7,5 / 10 368 x 500 mm


Available options F 410/360/RI
Automatic feeding device

A wide range of shredders

This special shredder, based on the F410/360 model, has been designed for destroying up to 100 HDDs per hour (and consequently the information contained on them) in H5 class, according to the requirements of the DIN 66300-1.

The final material fraction we can obtained is less than 35mm2 (meaning close to H6).

The material is processed in two steps within the body of the same machine: the first step is the reduction of the volume of the material inserted into the feeder and the effective granulation of the hard disk to the required dimension made in this second part of the equipment.

Once crashed in the first part of the blade set, this falls onto a circulating screen and is brought to the second part, where multi-hooks blades will shredding the material until achieving the correct size for letting pass through the screen.

Download shredders summary datasheet

2 shaft industrial shredder K 25 HP series electric drive | SatrindTech Srl


Hard disk

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